We exist to serve Fort Frederica

Our Mission

The Friends of Fort Frederica National Monument preserves and promotes the natural, cultural, and recreational resources of Fort Frederica, with a commitment to stewardship and sustainability. 

The National Park Service operates 78 national monuments, and Georgia is home to only two. Fort Frederica is unique because of its' remains of the small town built around the fort, making the site still rich for archaeological discoveries.  This landscape of living history is fragile and yet, free to the public. 

“Frederica itself was always more town than fort. The townspeople played a vital role in the community here. They were regular hard working folks who were here and they ended up helping shape our country’s history.”
— Ellen Strojan, National Park Ranger, Fort Frederica


“Leaving Broughton Island in the evening, I continued descending the South channel until, after crossing the sound, I arrived at Frederica…

I was well received and entertained by James Spalding. Before the vessel was ready to sail again for St. John's, I had time to explore. Frederica was the first town built by the English in Georgia, and was founded by general Oglethorpe, who began and established the colony. The fortress was beautiful, and was the largest, and perhaps the most costly, of any in North America. It is now in ruins, occupied by a small garrison. Peach trees and figs now grow out of the ruinous walls of former spacious and expensive buildings. It seems now recovering again, owing to the public and liberal spirit."

- Travels of William Bartram, 1774