The Friends of Fort Frederica Charter Members

This is a great opportunity for the public to join and support this absolute gem we have in our community.
— Dr. Valerie Hepburn, Founding Board Member
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Platinum Level

The Susan C. Wainright Fund

The Friends of Coastal Georgia History

National Society of the Colonial Dames of America

Greer & Laura Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Burdell Jr.

Mary Butin

Mark & Ann Chandler

Grace Compton

Mr. and Mrs. James Delong

Amy L. Dry

John Dunham and Jane Beadles

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gash

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Harmon

Patrick & Donna Godbey

Bill Jones III

Antonia Laird

Jeanne Kaufmann

Mr. and Mrs. William Shuman

Ben and Carol Slade

Gordon & Frankie Strother

Michael & Lucy Thomas

Mildred Nix Huie Wilcox


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Gold Level

Dewey Benefield

Dave & Mike Fox

Drs. Eugene & Charlsie Keferl

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kellar

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lancaster

Mr. and Mrs. Charles LeRoux

Mr. Richard Mallicote

Maryalice McDonald

Christopher and Susan Mundy

Mr. and Mrs. Page Pate

Clint Purser

Mr. and Mrs. Reg Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Parker

David Rice

Cesar & Janis Rodriguez

Rick Shelnutt

Bess S. Thompson

Lynne Wilgus

Mr. and Mrs. David Wright


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Silver Level

Ms. Beth Boone

Jim & Kathy Brown

Keith & Louise Calhoun

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cherne

Drs. Kevin and Helene Coyle

Warren & Lena Dahlin

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. William Downey

Drs. Page & Klara Faulk

Maxwell Harrell

Duane & Carol Harris

Kaye Hartridge

Fort Mose Historical Society

Ethel Horton

James Jones

Mr. and Mrs. John Knight

Jon & Terri Langford

Mr. and Mrs. Royce Leggett

Russ Marane

Bob & Linda Muir

Olaf & Gloria Olsen Jr.

Jon and Debbie Osgood

Mr. Arthur Pittman

Bill Ramsaur

Don Rogers

Mr. Stephen Squire

Floyd & Eva Taylor

Ernest & Theresa Beaton

Michael and Tami Stogner

Bill & Merry Tipton

Linda Usrey

General Clinton and Mrs. Claire Winne

John and Laura Wallace

Cannon Keepers

Bronze Level


Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Adams

Pat Adoptante

Mr. Bill Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Allen

Ms. Jacqueline Anderson

Kern & Jane Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Bickel

Bob and Louise Bledsoe

Larry and Alison Bouts

Mr. Raymond Brown

Ms. Barbara Brown

James & Barbara Bruce

Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Bryan Jr.

Dr. Jeffery Capes

Cherokee Garden Club

Mr. Fred Collins

Richard and Gail Cowan

Helen Castrillo

Katharine Clark

Lillian D. Clarke

Chris Curry

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Davis

Ms. Mary Jo Davis

Mr. and Mrs. William Dawson

Ms. Marie Denard

Frederick Deratto

Robert & Judith Douglas

Barbara Smith Diemmer

Clay and Dot Easterling

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Edenfield

Fred and Carolyn Favole

Timme Feininger

Albert & Joyce Fendig

Mary Ellyse Fendig

John & Carol Flowers

Branham & Tammy Garth

Tom and Gloria Gash

Leslie Fendig Grozier

Kevin and Julie Hancock

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rutland

Max & Phyllis Harris

Zachary Brooks Harris Jr.

Dr. Valerie Hepburn & David Hayes

Emory and Rhonda Hicks

Thomas Heagy

Frances Hilsman

Steve & Miranda Hires

Mary B. Hitt

John & Lisa Hofmann

Steve and Catherine Holt

Diane and Lanny Hoyal

Charles & Mary Hoffman

Gail King

Linda Lane

Donna Leggett

Victor and Whitney Long

Norma Lucas

John & Nancy Ludwig

Dr. Cindy & Mr. Russel Jacobs

Daisy & Dixie Jacobs

Barbara and Dick Kasak

Mr. and Mrs. David Kerstetter

Edwin & Elsie Mackethan

Claudia Malone

Vincent Marchionna

Dennie & Frances McCrary

Jean & Charles McKnight

Arlie & Sheila McNeill

Paul & Jamice Meschke

Larry & Karin Mills

K. Edward Shanbacker

Richard & Sharon Moser

Don & Susan Myers

Linda Olsen

Cannon & Lee Owen

Paul & Nancy Pandolfi

Dale & Ellen Provenzano

Eugene & Cynthia Rackley

John and Nancy Rentz

Mr. and Mrs. J. Ryan Rentz

Ellen Rogers

Beck Rowell and Uli Keller

Emily Bair

Mr & Mrs. Paul Salter Jr.

Mary and Carl Schellhorn

Billie Sargent and Jack Conyers

Terry & Linda Seierstad

Wayne & Sara Sheffield

Bill and Anne Stembler

Dale & Nancy Stoddard

Hillary Stringfellow

Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Stroud

Rees & Brooke Sumerford

Waite and Alyssa Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Tillman

Arlie & Jane Tinsley

Brock Tobaben and Stacy Patrick

Golden Isles Track Club

Jaquelin Turbidy

Sandra Turbidy

Mr. Will Varn

Arthur & Mary Walters

Tom & Ann Whelchel

Mr. Thornton Willingham

Todd & Catherine Wood

Linda Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Milton “Woody” Woodside

Sara V. Wray

Dee Wright and Tom Milburn

Delores Wright